Morgantown is governed by a Town Council that consists of  five elected at-large members.  The Town Council members serve as the legislative and executive body of government.  They make decisions in accord and with procedures and responsibilities detailed in Indiana State Code, and are responsible for the daily governance of the town.  The Clerk Treasurer is elected as the fiscal officer of the town responsible for collection and disbursement of funds.

Morgantown Town Hall
Located at 120 W Washington Street
Morgantown IN 46160
Telephone number 812-597-4626
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Department of Public Works
Responsible for Utility and Street works
Telephone number: 812-597-4626
120 W Washington Street
Morgantown, IN 46160

Morgantown Police Department
120 W Washington Street
Morgantown, IN 46160
Emergency phone – dial 911
Non-emergency phone:  812-597-

Organizational Chart for Town of Morgantown