ginko-tree-placardGINKGO TREE
80 W Washington Street


Morgantown’s historic ginkgo tree is located at the corner of Cross and Washington Streets, next to Town Hall.  The tree is in front of a home built by either Dr. R. C. Griffith or his parents, Reuben and Lovina Shell Griffith.  R.C. was a soldier in the Civil War and ended up in the Andersonville, GA., prison.  From his window he could see the tiny tree growing.  He later wrote a book about the prison, then located other Indiana prisoners and returned to erect a memorial.  At that time, he brought the ginkgo tree back home to Morgantown.  The ginkgo tree is from China, where it is considered a sacred tree.  The leaves are shaped like fans and turn yellow in the fall, all dropping within a 24 hour period.

East Hill Cemetery

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First Baptist Church Cemetery


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Boles-Williams Cemetery

Located on the Dallas Farm, west of Morgantown on 252, is Revolutionary Soldier Alexander Kelso.


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Veterans Memorial (located in East Hill Cemetery)


Colonel Vawter Grave (located in First Baptist Church Cemetery)