The Morgantown Town Council is an elected, five member council of town residents. The regular monthly meetings for the Morgantown Town Council are the second Monday of each month at 6pm at the Morgantown Fire Department.  Occasionally the meeting may be rescheduled due to a Holiday.  If you would like to attend a Town Council meeting, you are very welcome; all regular meetings are open to the public. At the end of each meeting, there is a time scheduled for “Public Comments” and any citizen can speak.

The five council members are:
      • Penny Anderson, Town Council President (Term: Jan 2021 thru Dec 2025)
      • Walter Abbott, Council Member (Term: Jan 2021 thru Dec 2025)
      • Vern Snyder, Council Member (appointed to finish term ending December 2022)
      • Courtney Allen, Council Member ( Term:  January 2019- December 2022)
      • Terry Poindexter, Council Member (appointed Term: January 2019- December 2022)
A goal of the Morgantown Town Council is to provide the residents of our community with a safe and healthy environment.  We have embarked on some major projects to help make Morgantown a better and safer place for today and tomorrow.  2016 Projects include:
    • 1 million dollar OCRA/SRF grant coupled with 1 million dollar financing from the State Revolving Fund for a 2 million dollar investment in the Morgantown Water Utility.  This water project is to replace water lines and install valves for better water flow.  A new water tower is part of this project and replaces the 85 year old tower.
    • 1 million dollar OCRA grant project to improve the Storm Water system specifically to address the major standing water problems on Pine Street, Park Street, Church Street and Mulberry Streets.
    • $82,500 grant plus matching town funds for a total $165,000 paving project for the town streets.
    • New blue and white reflective street signs at every intersection.
    • Working to make Highway 135 and Highway 252 as the Hoosier Hills Scenic Byway.
  • Community wide clean-up that removed 17 tons of trash.
                The Council serves as the executive and legislative body of the town. All members are at-large and voted on by town citizens living in the town limits. Council members must reside in the town and forfeit their office if town residency is not maintained. The Town Council is responsible for passing ordinances, resolutions, establishing salaries for town employees, passing an annual budget and setting utility rates.  All town departments report to the Town Council.  The salaries of council members are set by ordinance, as are all salaries and wages of town officials and employees (IC 36-5-3-2).  
A Town Council President is selected each year at the first council meeting by the council from among its members. This person is responsible for conducting council meetings and is designated as the town executive (IC 36-5-2-7).   This person has the power to sign contracts, ordinances and other items approved by the council. The President also represents Morgantown at government and community functions.  
 If the Morgantown Town Council finds it necessary to hold an Executive Session to address matters allowed under Indiana Code 5-14-1.6-6.1(b). Notice of the Executive Session of the Morgantown Town Council will be posted in compliance with Indiana law.
                Any meeting of the Morgantown Town Council is subject to the Indiana Open Door Law.  A “meeting” is a gathering of a majority of the members of the governing body of a public agency for the purpose of taking official action upon public business.  “Official action” means to:
    • Receive information
    • Deliberate
    • Make recommendations
    • Establish policy
    • Make decision or
  • Take final action by voting (IC 5-14-1.5-2(d)).
The only exceptions to the definition of meeting are:
    • Any on-site inspection of any project or program, or facilities of applicants for incentives or assistance from the governing body
    • Any social or chance gathering not intended to avoid the law
    • Traveling to and attending meetings related to better government (attendance at IACT seminars, workshops, and conferences is believed to qualify as an exception).
    • A caucus, which is a gathering of members of a political party or coalition that is held for purposes of planning political strategy and holding discussions designed to prepare members for taking official action.
    • A gathering to discuss an industrial or a commercial prospect that does not include a conclusion as to recommendations policy, decisions, or final action on the terms of a request or an offer of public financial resources.
    • An orientation of members of the governing body on their role and responsibilities as public officials, but not for any other official action.
  • A gathering for the sole purpose of administering an oath of office to an individual.
The intent of the Open Door Law is that, with few exceptions, all meetings of governing bodies are open to the public and may be observed and recorded (IC 5-14-1.5-1). The Open Door Law does not give the public a right to speak.  The Open Door Law also specifically prohibits any secret ballot votes.

Morgantown Town Council 2020 meeting schedule