Morgantown Town Hall
120 W Washington Street
PO Box 416
Morgantown, IN 46160

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Hours 8 am to 12 pm Monday thru Friday
Closed most holidays
Telephone number 812-597-4626
Fax:  812-597-6027

Utility Clerk: Sarah Dillahay

Clerk Treasurer: Sharon McIntosh

Morgantown Town Hall is the central place for government functions.  It is the place where you pay your utility bill; apply for a building permit; request a public record; request utility service; and other services.  The Utility Clerk and Clerk Treasurer have their offices in Town Hall.
The Utility Clerk represents the Town of Morgantown to the public as they enter Town Hall.  She performs the clerical and accounting work for the municipal utilities portion of Town Hall.  She is responsible for maintenance of the Morgantown utility billing records and accounts, cash receipting and customer service.  The Utility Clerk is also responsible for working with the Planning and Zoning Commission in Code enforcement and Building permits.
The Utility Clerk’s essential functions include:
    • Utility process at the beginning of monthly billing.  Enters the meter readings into the computer and processes the billing cards. Check the meter books for misreads or discrepancies.  Post utility bill payments daily and complete the penalty process.
    • Daily deposits of utility payments.
    • Process Golf Cart permits.
    • Process Solicitation permits.
    • Handle complaints by phone or in person.
    • Process emergency phone calls.
    • Collect information, collect deposit money and write out work order for water and waste-water hookups.
    • Prepare letters for shut off mailing.  Write work orders for those customers for shut off.
    • Advise utility department of locates.
    • Provide letters for title companies when requested.
    • Assist with the building permit process.  Process payment for building permit.  Contact building inspector for inspection. Maintain planning and zoning records.
    • Secretary for Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • Process requests for Public Records