The Morgantown Volunteer Fire Department proudly provides Fire, Rescue and BLS EMS services for the 3400 residents of Jackson Township, Morgan County, Indiana. Visit us on Facebook.

We have 32 volunteer firemen who give of their time to help others. Equipment includes 3 fire engines, 1 tanker truck, 2 rescue units, a brush truck and an ambulance. They provide ambulance service to the community with trained personnel. (And also at the Indian Creek football/basketball games.) All volunteers must complete training to be on the department and they must keep their training current. Read more about the history of the Morgantown Fire Department.

Learn a little bit more about the  history of the Morgantown Fire Department by reading the original 1949 articles of incorporation of the Morgantown Fire Department.

Clinton Chapman, Fire Chief

Fire Chief:  Clinton Chapman
Assistant Fire Chief: 
Brad Sichting
Fire Department President:  Danny Soots
Vice President:  Clyce Smith
Secretary:  Clayton Chapman
Treasurer:  Clinton Chapman

Non-Emergency Phone:

269 N Highland Street
Morgantown, IN 46160